Preparing aubergines

Preparing aubergines | Top tips

Preparing aubergines applies to the “melanzane alla parmigiana” recipe, featured in the vegetable section of the website

Preparing aubergines | Top tips
Preparing aubergines | Top tips
Preparing aubergines | Top tips

Aubergines have quite a distinct bitter flavour, which can be reduced by allowing them to drain. The draining time can be 1 hour or 2 hours, sometimes more, depending on what you want to achieve. Sliced aubergines should be laid in a colander and salted. During the draining period, the salt helps to take out some of the moisture, otherwise the slices would absorb too much oil during the frying stage, and the aubergines will release a dark juice, which is the bitter taste.

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  1. I’m very keen to try your recipes. I am a home cook from Australia who loves cooking and creating. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

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